Love to be ME – Day 1

Short introduction: I’m feeling depressed and heartbroken in more ways than one. I ordered myself to go into retreat but I don’t really have the time because of work. Somebody posted a comment on one of my more depressive posts – an invitation to join her in a 40 day challenge of writing something you love about yourself each day. I decided to give myself a self-imposed retreat, just to clear and get things off my mind. I invite you as well to join us in this 40 day challenge. For more information, go to: I would love to know if you had also taken this challenge, and I want to know what you love about yourself, so go ahead and comment on any of my “Love to be Me” posts stating where I can find your own 40 day Love to be Me challenge.

Day One (cuz I’m excited to start like that):

I love when my hair is wet and the curls are showing and I feel like I can strut around the mall, or anywhere public, like that. I love how it reaches down to my shoulders with rich black curls.


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