I’ve been really excited to write my bucket list for 2012. First time to write a bucket list just for the year so I’m excited!

  1. Get a diving license (even though I don’t know how to swim)
  2. Go to Romblon via ferry
  3. Go to Baler and explore not only the beaches but also the town (maybe I’ll try to learn surfing!)
  4. Go to Coron and spend less than Php 5,000 exclusive of airfare
  5. Go shooting at least once in two months
  6. Get accepted into a university or business school in another country for Masters
  7. Related to #6, get a scholarship
  8. Travel to at LEAST two other countries
  9. Go to US, just for the sake of using my visa so it wouldn’t be that hard to renew it
  10. Trek Mt. Makiling and Mt. Pinatubo
  11. Go wall climbing
  12. Try out laser tag, or paintball
  13. Go on a road trip, or travel alone
  14. Have at least three spontaneous trips
  15. Lose AT LEAST 6 kg
  16. Get a NEW hobby, something different like poi or capoiera (but I’m not going to take poi or capoiera)
  17. Learn how to ride the bicycle

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