Christmas Gift List

So I haven’t done any shopping yet and I need to budget so here goes –

  1. Mom and Dad (they get 1 gift because they just have everything unless it’s super expensive like a Maserati)
  2. Mike (probably a shirt)
  3. Clarence (some Japanese music CD)
  4. Ninang Becky, Ninang Corrie, Ninang Rose
  5. My boss (a tie??? what do you give your boss??)
  6. Ms. Malou (probably some sweets or any ceramic stuff?)
  7. Ms. Luz (other ceramic stuff, or maybe something like a lotion)
  8. Mike and CPG
  9. Mia, Claud, Mara, Paul (some food)
  10. Jeng, Ate Nellie, Jacky (?????)
  11. HEA, Ma’am Erma
  12. Kuya Guard, Ate Necie, Dennis
  13. Jayjay, Jemjem, two daughters of my cousins
  14. Joesie, Carl, Anna, Eunice, Suzy, Ivy, Peewee, Claire, Anj, Tal and Cheska (crossed out because they’re out of the country)
  15. Xie, Evie, Anna (if I see you guys lol)

It’s official. I really hate shopping for gifts. I don’t even know if I should give something to some of the people there when they’re my ex-boss.

And yes, I’m not worried they will see this because I didn’t publicize this blog for them lol


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