New Beginnings

Today, I spent the day at home because I was feeling really sick. We dismissed it as food poisoning as my mom and sister were also affected, and we drank the same milk tea from Chatime Gateway. So note to self, don’t buy any milk tea from there anymore.

I also was given the chance to contemplate on things. I’m now 70% certain that I don’t want him back. I’m getting there and I know that given more time, I’ll be okay once more. I’m not seeking any new relationship at this point. I just want to be happy before I get into any more relationships. The danger with me though, is that I tend to get into a relationship before I’m even happy with just myself. And I’m trying to avoid that. I don’t want to take years for that. I’m planning on one year tops. But who knows, might take longer than that. I’m just wishing I get more preoccupied if that’s the case. Lol

I’m relatively happy now. Compared to my basket case of emotions last week, and a few weeks before that. I’m just so happy to be freed of entanglements, and the idea of happiness at the end of it all. I just want to relax and move on. Get over it and be happy. There are just some things that have to end.

Lastly, I found my earphones and my eye drops. Things do have a way of finding themselves back. 🙂

…Although I don’t think my dragon pendant’s going to go back to me. I just wish for the person who found it to take care of it and may it give her/him luck.

Goodbye to an end of a woeful journey, and a toast to new beginnings and happiness! 🙂


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