Part II: Making Choices

As continued from Part I: Discerning…

I  checked out some UK universities for my Master’s. I attended University of Liverpool’s web seminar on social media as a tool for marketing. I therefore conclude that I am not fit for a marketing job.

I started congratulating myself this morning that after a week of choosing between some random courses that I feel would be practical to take and I think I would like, I narrowed the courses down to two. It’s either I take International Business or something about Financial markets/Economics. I am just deciding now which school I should apply to, and limiting them to a maximum of 3. I have already applied to Hult International Business School, pending some requirements.That leaves me with  2 more schools.

The main problem that I have with UK universities is that they require IELTS/TOEFL. In US and AU universities, they don’t necessarily require an IELTS/TOEFL as long as you can provide a certification from your institution/university that their medium of instruction is English. So that leaves me with more or less 2 months to take an IELTS (I prefer IELTS) before I can actually apply to the universities.

In choosing the universities I also consider the following:

  1. If they have the course/specialization that I want to take (Durham University was out of the list because their specialization is more on research and sciences, and I would probably one of the last persons who will be accepted in such a highly distinguished university)
  2. location (how far is it from the city; would the town/city have all the necessary stuff I would need; what would be the cost of living)
  3. part time job availability (I am not sure if in US they allow international students to work part time but in UK and AU they do at a maximum of 20 hours a week. Coming from a third world country, it would be preferential for me to take a job while studying so I can make ends meet/help out with all the expenses)
  4. % of international students (this is very important for me since I would be studying in another country, a country which I haven’t even been to [well, except for US])
  5. scholarship (One of the reasons I’m somewhat iffy from applying to the University of Liverpool is because they don’t offer scholarships, and this counts a lot. It’s not cheap to get a good education.)

I am still browsing through some universities. I might already schedule an IELTS exam this week, right after I finish my personal statement for Hult. Cheers for me, and for all those ambitious youth.

To be continued… just because I have to continue writing that Personal Statement.


4 thoughts on “Part II: Making Choices

  1. Good luck with getting all this sorted. Generally the cost of living in the North of England is lower than in the South (especially in and round London). I’d have thought that scholarships are going to be difficult to get although some may have a restricted availability (which would be a good thing if that applies to you).

    1. Thanks 🙂

      I’ve been on a trip so it’s generally more of a discerning time for me. I do hope I get this sorted asap. Just have to register for an IELTS exam.

      1. Good luck sorting this. I’m actually back in the UK myself for a couple of weeks although i should be headed for Brasil at the end of the month. Kind of bizarre that you need to do the English exam since your blog demonstrates better wriitng skills than what you’d find for some people who have been born in the UK.

      2. I’ll take that as a compliment. 🙂

        I hope you have a good time in UK. I’m sure it’s more fun traveling to different countries. I’m on to my Part III. LOL

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