Part IV: Almost There, But Not Quite

So a week after I had submitted my application, I received an email a few days after that which is a request for an interview schedule. The interview was scheduled a week after my submission of the application. I asked the person who emailed me who will be interviewing me and what would it be about. She told me it was basically about the future plans etc. I was grateful I asked, better than going blindly who you’re going to talk to. She said the Admissions Director will be interviewing.

On the day of my interview, I made sure I printed out my personal statement just to have a copy in case I would need it. The interview went smoothly and was over in an hour. The Admissions Director said I have a strong application and not to worry about being declined (which actually made me a bit worry even though I am confident with my application). He also said that somebody would call me approximately one week after for the results.

I need not say that it was a week of anticipation even though I am sure I got in. It’s still different when it has been confirmed. On the appointed time that the recruiter said she would call, she didn’t. It was more or less 30 minutes after that I received a call from her. And because I have the gift of foresight (just kidding), I was not mistaken. I got in.

I was quite excited and had all sorts of questions. I already asked about the scholarship and if I could enter on September 2012 (as I have applied for the September 2013 schoolyear). I was given until May 10, 2012 to confirm my slot for the SF Campus for SY 2012-2013.

And this led me to one of the most confusing week in all my life.


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