More Important Things

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on 9gag… but what the hell… lol

I saw this post today –

I guess there’s just something about space which I cannot let go. I feel more freedom in a vast expanse rather than a place with four walls containing all the latest gadgets. This is also why I love nature trips more than city tours, why I love trekking and looking at the view from a mountain peak rather than watching it all on screen in a theater. This is also why I love traveling. It’s the one thing I am certain of being passionate about. Sometimes I can’t help thinking that traveling has become an addiction and a vice (for my wallet).

Whenever I would walk around at night in a new place I traveled to, I would never fail to look up and look if there are any stars. Stars remind me that there’s a different place out there, that there’s a whole universe that we do not know about. Anything becomes more beautiful once you recognize that there is something your knowledge can’t reach or comprehend. Everything becomes more of value once you recognize that you are just one speck, one discovery in an expanse of other discoveries. It is just overwhelming knowing that you are a part of all these, and may be a part of more. And it is thus, why there are more important things than what people do all day.


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