Freedom #2

I have this inclination to list down the things I had accomplished/done after my resignation. It provides a good picture of the opportunity costs while I was working. However, of course it’s a given that all my money is being spent and not even a single centavo is being replenished… but aside from all that, here goes my third day of freedom –

3rd Day

  • had a treatment (been waiting to do this for ages, however it is dependent on the haircut so now that my hair has been chopped off, finally had the chance to do this)
  • met up with a friend for lunch (can actually meet up with friends while the sun is still out! *tears of joy*)
  • cleaned the bathroom at the condo (yes, I purposely dropped by the condo to clean this since I have been pending it for four weeks already [condo = apartment])
  • accomplished my DS 160 (yes, I have finally done it! Next is I just have to pay the application fee!)

I still have a lot of pending tasks on my list (such as losing weight which will not happen in one day even in my wildest dreams) and it just feels great that somehow all the things I cannot do because I was at work is now doable. I’m not recommending being a bum and unemployed (technically I’m not since I am running a business with friends) but sometimes it’s just good to take a break and do things that has been nagging your mind for a while. It eases the pimple growth too!


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