Freedom #3

To be honest, I think I really am lacking in creativity when it comes to thinking of titles. LOL

Anyway, I have noticed that lately it seems that I am more motivated to do things, maybe because I have the time in my hands and it’s just a waste not to do anything! And that is good! My friend did say that I am somehow restless, but nevertheless, sometimes it’s good. It gives me something to do. As it was said, if you want to accomplish more each day, watch less TV (I haven’t really watched anything yet 🙂 ).

So on with the 4th day…

4th Day

  • paid for my visa application fee (have to wait a while before I can schedule; P.S. I walked back from the bank to my house, probably around 2-3 km)
  • had the entertainment system set up (well actually I just waited for the guy setting it up to finish)
  • exercised (Hip Hop Abs yo! It’s the second day of exercise and I’m feeling jovial!)
  • arranged the clothes in my closet (they’re not exactly in order, the cleaning lady or my mom just hangs the clothes and my clothes are color and type-coded! Like all skirts go here, all dresses here, all blue dresses here, all black dresses here. Somehow they just couldn’t get it 😦 Anyway I’m doing a part 2 of my arranging tomorrow)

It honestly could be worse… and the above are just a few of them, and I have a walk in closet. Imagine the horror!

Oh and before anything else, a shoutout to my dear friend, Naveen Narayan, Happy 23rd birthday!!!


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