Narcissism or Just Curious?

Lately, the people around me ask me how I think of them. Sometimes I wonder how people think of me but I was never one to ask what they think of me – probably because I am scared of what they will answer or I simply don’t care. Somebody even asked me to rate their looks. I can’t help thinking if they just needed an affirmation of what they think of themselves or they just wanted to feel good about themselves.

There seems to be just two sides to this – it’s either one is insecure or one is narcissistic. Given the benefit of the doubt, maybe one is just curious. I’m not saying I’m annoyed or irritated. Rather, I’m curious. I wonder what’s going on in their minds, I wonder why they had to ask me, I wonder why they asked.

This brings me to the website I’m creating – Sunkissed Spirit. It’s still under construction and I was filling out the “About” section which includes who I am. It brings me to the question of how will I answer that? Will I say that I’m a daughter, a sister, a bum? Will I provide my education and my previous employments? Will I state my hobbies?

Some people find it easy to answer who they are and list all their credentials in one page. I, on the other hand, want to choose what I will put there. I want to appear like an approachable person. Answering who you are is like packaging yourself into an idea in people’s heads that you are like this, and like that and when they meet you in person, they pretty much have an idea of what to expect. You can choose to intimidate or charm.

It’s all about the packaging, and this made me realize that all of these is related to advertising. Somehow, I felt like I’m selling myself which is funny in it’s own ironic way. The internet is indeed a powerful tool. It not only bridges people, but it somehow requires that it packages people consciously or unconsciously.


2 thoughts on “Narcissism or Just Curious?

  1. i’ve often thought about the same thing tbh, why people need to know these things but then find myself asking them at some points! i’d say my own questioning is out of curiousity – good post!

    1. Thanks. Just found it odd that sometimes people need another person’s affirmation… on the other hand maybe it’s also good because it shows your opinion matters to them.

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