Part VIII: Visa Interview

I finally had my visa interview earlier. It was relatively okay, I might have had a few blunders in the pre-screening, the one at the finger scanning was utterly adorable and friendly (I like him!) and then at the final interview, the consul was cranky. He had just issued a visa rejection to the person previous to me, and I’m not sure if he also issued a visa rejection to the person before that.

He only asked a few questions –

  • Where are you going?
    Hult International Business School in San Francisco, California
  • What will you be taking up?
    Master’s in International Business
  • Who will be paying for your tuition?
    My parents, and I received scholarship from the school.
  • Can I see the financial documents you have and scholarship letter?
    Would bank certifications suffice?
    Sungit consul: Everything you have. *I gave him the scholarship letter and just gave him certifications. He took a look at the scholarship and I had to explain to him what’s up with it. And then he looked at the certifications. I was honestly considering giving him the bank statements and the latest passbooks as well as it was taking him quite long looking at the certifications. He started writing numbers on the blue paper which are given to those who will be denied of a visa so I was kinda panicking inside if he was actually going to give me that.*
  • What and where did you take up in college?
    I have degrees in Development Studies and Economics from Ateneo de Manila University.
  • How much is the SEVIS fee?
    *I was going to give him the receipt because I heard/thought that he was asking for it. Apparently, he wasn’t.*
    Consul: I said, how much is it?
    Me: 200 USD
  • Okay, your visa has been approved. You’ll receive it in a week’s time. Next.
    Me: Thanks. *afterwards thinking, that was a really weird question… how much is the SEVIS fee?*

Anyway, there you go. My visa has been approved. I just have to pay the tuition and book a flight!


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