Taking the Public Transportation

I have so many things in my mind for the past three days, and they’re all not good because they just give me unnecessary stress. For one, a lot of people have been asking me to meet up with them before I leave. Others want to meet up for business-related matter. I am really pissed off at the situation right now because of the hassle and inconvenience the flood has brought. Until today, our street is still flooded, and thankfully has receded. However, I am angry with our local government because this is not a new issue and they haven’t done anything about it for so long.

Anyway, the past days I have gone out, I went out with my mom. I go where I need to go and I meet up with her after so we can both go home together. I really have to say this, but my mom is A LOT stronger than she looks. She has been taking the public transportation for probably around 40 years here in Manila. Her bag had been slashed by thieves in the jeepney, her jewelry had been stolen while walking the streets, she has ridden with so many different people that I am not even sure how she manages it. I took it for two days from our house and I am about to go insane. The travel time takes ages, it can sometimes rain and you sit with a group of drunk guys. I never had to deal with it when I was riding my car. With a car, I am safe from rain, thieves (relatively) and I am in the comfort of an airconditioned car even if it’s a slow moving traffic. I sound like a spoiled brat, and I probably am.

I don’t really mind taking the public transportation as long as it’s not that far and it’s convenient. I used to take the congested trains for a while. I also take the more breathable trains back in college whenever I go out. I take the jeepney to go to a mall 30 minutes away from home. I don’t really mind trains. It’s the jeepneys which piss me off especially when I ride them for ages. They cramp the 24 people in a 20-seater jeepney, not to mention the people hanging by the jeepney entrance. The traffic jam added to my frustration. Not to mention all the dirt and smog that sticks to your face the whole travel time.

My heart aches that I cannot freely go out as conveniently as I used to. I just wish the floods would already recede before I go so I can just go out whenever I want to, and meet my friends. It totally sucks being stuck at home.


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