Arrived in San Francisco

So I finally arrived and staying somewhere in East Bay in my aunt and uncle’s house. I am now living with my aunt and uncle and my cousin’s family. My cousin has two kids, a ten-year old and a girl who’s turning six next Saturday. It would have been awesome but I found it quite difficult to talk to these kids. I mean, the youngest in particular, talks like she’s an adult and always crosses her arms when speaking to somebody. I know they probably don’t remember me and given that I’m not that friendly either doesn’t really help the fact that I’m already dreading living with them. My aunt and uncle are awesome, so are my cousin and cousin-in-law. It’s just the kids that I’m worried about especially as I am sleeping in their room.

A friend told me that he and four more other people are renting a house around 10 minutes from school. So I’m kind of evaluating my choices –

Staying with Aunt and Uncle


  • free accommodations
  • free food, utilities and internet
  • in-house laundry
  • with familiar people
  • the park is right in front of the house
  • so is the library


  • less freedom
  • hard to get around
  • limited late nights as most of my classmates will probably be in SF and events will happen in SF but since I have to take the Bart… oh well
  • have to get along with American kids (I am already finding this quite hard in my first night because they are just different. I find it weird enough that I’m talking to them in English when they have Filipino parents.)
  • have to walk to bus stop, then take the bus to the Bart station, Bart station for 40 minutes then walk again to school
  • crime rates increased and my aunt said that I have to be really really careful as there are loads of crimes happening especially with the recession

Rent an Apartment


  • closer to school – just ten minutes
  • living with friends = fun
  • have classmates/batchmates with me so I can consult stuff with them and go to parties with them
  • in SF so meet-up places MIGHT be easier to get to
  • convenient, freedom
  • don’t have to relate to kids, only with international students like me


  • will be way more expensive for me – rent + utilities; might cost me $1000 per month
  • the place is unfurnished so I have to buy my own bed, desk etc.
  • going to live with 5 guys (who are my classmates anyway)

So now I am really torn. I’m quite concerned with the expenses. Everything just feels surreal to me. It would be great if you could let me know your thoughts on the matter as I really need several opinions right now.


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