A LOT of Getting Used to

My move to California didn’t only entail emotional changes but unexpectedly, physical changes too. My body was so used to the tropics that when I moved here, I didn’t realize it was all a sudden change for my body that it will take quite a bit for me to adapt. For one, I used to roam around in the Philippines always worrying about my skin because of the sun, however when I got here, I thought I had nothing to worry about so I felt freer walking around. As a result, I got sunburnt, and brown. Not tan. Brown.

The skin is just the least of my concerns. Five days ago, I learned that I actually had cold sore. It was my first time ever to get one. When a friend asked me how I got one, I answered that I was made out with this guy a couple of nights ago. Truth be told, it was because of the change of weather. I went around the pier for a couple of days and didn’t put on any lip balm because I thought I didn’t have to and a couple or three days after, I got a cold sore. Right now, my lips, which I were so proud of because I never had to put on lipstick, is now darkening. I’m not sure if it’s because of the cold sore or weather too but it looks terrible as if I had been smoking for years.

I know that this is just the least of my problems but still this is all new to me and I take it with a heavy heart. I mean, who wants a cold sore, dark lips and sunburnt skin?? I sound so vain right now and I’m normally not.


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