Monthly Archives: January 2013

Long Time No News…

It’s been a long time and a lot of things has happened for just a few months… I’ve been really busy with schoolwork, life events and whatnot. To make the long story short – some highlights of the past 4 months:

  1. I met many different people. I became friends with people from all around the world – Norway, Nigeria, Ghana, China, India etc.
  2. We had a Philippine Culture Quest which was kinda awesome. Arnis, a Filipino martial arts, was featured.
  3. I had awesome professors who I will never forget in my life just because they are soooo awesome at their craft – Dr. Keith Merron and Dr. Nicolas Imparato.
  4. Dr. Keith Merron disproved my belief that I can’t work well in a team. Paired with his teaching plus my awesome teammates boosted my team skills.
  5. Dr. Nicolas Imparato pushed me beyond what I could have done. I learned to do more in order to get more.
  6. Got into the Dean’s List for Module A. Hopefully my teammates don’t regret I was in the team with them. LOL
  7. Had closure with an old flame.
  8. Starting to learn tennis.
  9. Been loved, being loved, loved. I’m happy I have an awesome boyfriend.
  10. Realized the importance of family.

It’s been an awesome 4 months. It’s been a challenging 2012, but I’m glad I did new things. We’re on to 2013, and things CAN only get better. 🙂