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Happy New Year!!

So before anything else, I’d just like to wish everyone one a Happy New Year!!

Happy new year 2014 words in many languages

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought about the previous year was, it was the worst and most terrible year I’ve had. I probably don’t remember the other bad years but 2013 is fresh in my mind. I reflected on it deeply and realized that, yes, I’ve been on many trips and yes, it might not be that bad BUT it was the last quarter of 2013 which made it so difficult. It’s just that in 2013, the bad times outweighed the good times. In 2013, I felt the pain of adulthood and the sickening realization that I AM getting older.

I remember that when 2013 came, I didn’t really make any resolutions or changes. 2013 came and I was apathetic to it. I asked myself as I was reflecting, “Why? Why did I treat 2013 like that?” The answer dawned on me. It was because I had a great 2012. 2012 was when I felt so loved and admired. I felt I belonged. And I expected 2013 to be like that as well. I didn’t make any changes to myself because I was probably subconsciously thinking, “why should I? I’m great!”

And thus, why 2013 was so painful for me. It was not what I expected, and circumstances changed.

As 2014 entered, I said to myself, 2013 wasn’t a terrible year, but rather, a tough year. It tested me. It challenged me. I became stronger, and I grew up.

So now, I just have a few new year’s resolutions… (especially that I have gained 50 lbs from the past year)

  • Per one junk food eaten, eat one fruit.

Now why this instead of the common, “eat healthy food” resolution? Well right now, I really can’t live without junk like chocolate and ice cream. So I thought, why should I stop myself from eating junk when I like it? But then, I also realized that I am getting older and I should take care of my health, and what better way to do this than start eating fruits?

  • Exercise at least 30 mins per day, 6 times a week.

I used to exercise intensely when I was in the Philippines. For the past year, I rarely exercise. Normally I just walk, and honestly, I think my body just  developed an endurance against walking thus, I do not lose weight from that anymore. Oh and this also implies that I should actually wake up early. Like 8/9am early (until I get a job, that is).

  • Take one photo each day

I honestly do not know if I can stick with this. I have started an account with 365 Project wherein you take one photo each day for 365 days. I started January 1 (well, technically December 31 but I uploaded on January 1). I have also missed yesterday’s photo but I guess that’s okay. It’s 364 days for me now.

  • Do one new thing, or go to one new place each month

I’m actually really really bad in sticking with such things. I am aiming that I can do this though. Hopefully, I will also have the motivation to write about it. ­čÖé

I think that’s all. I have loads of other stuff in my mind but I feel like these four are the ones I can do or should prioritize right now.

P.S. I’m really happy with myself for coming up with that “one junk food, one fruit” resolution. hehe