I have more free time nowadays than I could have imagined before coming here. I find it amazing how the mind thinks that it’s always greener on the other side.

With more time on my hands, I’ve had the chance to also look through my Facebook news feed more often. After such browsing, I get frustrated. Why?

I see people posting loads of articles such as “These interns earn higher than you” or “These companies pay interns more than full time employees” and the like.

I am not frustrated because I’m unemployed and interns earn higher than I do but because of the mentality the poster holds. First of all, aside from posting as such, they also have a caption like, “@tagwhoever let’s apply!” It displays ignorance, naiveté and stupidity. Let me break it down:

Ignorance – the article clearly illustrates companies in the United States hiring engineering interns to work/learn from them. To be qualified for such internships, you have to be studying engineering in a top university in the United States. My point is, situate the articles and your comments accordingly. When I say accordingly, I mean according to your location, qualifications and background. The poster was from the Philippines. How will you apply for such a position when you’re not even in the US, do not hold an engineering degree and not even taking up a postgraduate degree currently? You can’t just say, “@whoever let’s apply!” when you don’t even situate it accordingly.

Naiveté – this is somewhat similar to above. The article made it clear that whatever they posted came from engineering interns. By the way, these engineering interns would also earn more after they graduate. Or, better yet they have already graduated and taking an internship for experience. More often than not, they already have a job offer with the company. These interns are also more or less US citizens or hold green cards. Not many companies, if there are any, hire and sponsor working visas for international students who are entry level.

Stupidity – I honestly think I’ve made my point pretty clear. Think before you post. It would be okay if you could have had a caption like, “Wow I wish I studied engineering and was born as US citizen.” Or something like, “I’m an engineer! I could do this, just have to marry an American.”

Okay, why is this ticking me off so much? It’s because such articles were posted more than once on my news feed. When I was in the US looking for a job, it was appropriate for me but I am certain that it wasn’t for them. I sound so negative because I have experienced how difficult it is to find a job there especially when you stick with integrity rather than getting pressured with the bandwagon.

Message for the day: Think before you post. Analyze and evaluate.


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