The Last Time I’ll Ever Think About You

I feel like if my recent ex-boyfriend wrote me a letter, he would have written this.

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Bhumika BhatiaBhumika Bhatia

I used to think about how I would keep track of how many times you let me down, as some kind of twisted, mental tally of why I was the superior one of us. I used to memorize the way your voice sounded when you lied, but let you continue to do so because I truly believed that this was the only way to keep you. And I cringe to think of how many times I forgave you — not only forgave you, but welcomed you back with open arms despite the ways in which you had wronged me, which by that point had so far outnumbered the ways in which you had done right by me that I had stopped keeping track. To this day, I wonder how and why I let myself turn into a doormat for you. Believe me when I say that that is…

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