Monthly Archives: December 2014

Thank you 2014

It’s been one hell of a ride this 2014.

So a really quick recap –

  • I came back to my homeland (Oh how I missed it!)
    • Met up with friends
    • Went on random trips
    • Hung out with my brother and sister
    • Hung out with the family
  • Went on a trip to Kota Kinabalu
    • Met an amazing girl who loves traveling
  • Got a job in a startup
    • Got scolded for being to stubborn
    • Got told off for being unprepared
    • Was called too nice, too soft-spoken
    • Became the boss’ anger sponge (to be fair, I pushed it…)
    • Met amazing people
    • Unlearned what I know
    • Learned new things, became more aware and gained more perspective
    • Re-learned and reapplied what I know
    • Fell in love with my job
    • Was pushed to grow and become more competitive (it’s like my Masters program all over again!)
    • Have too much in my head
    • Realized I have to act faster to keep up with my thoughts
  • Realigned personal interests with business interests
  • Discovered new area (Makati and North QC!)
    • Discovered places to eat
    • Discovered places to shop
  • Started fending for myself
    • Got an apartment to rent by myself
    • Stopped making my parents pay for my credit card bills (lol)
    • I pay for my food, my gas, everything
    • Learned how to budget
    • Takes sister out to splurge
    • Started taking a cab
    • Splurges on coffee
  • Met amazing people not from work
  • Lost 30 lbs
  • Visited Bacolod and splurged on food
  • Fell madly in love
  • Re-evaluated the softer, more emotional side of me
  • Was tested
  • Hosted my host family (aunt and uncle!) from CA
  • Celebrated my birthday with my family, shopping for Christmas haha
  • Celebrated Christmas with family
  • Worked during the holidays and didn’t mind at all
  • Gave people food, money, gifts and loved every bit of it
  • Will celebrate New Year’s with the family

It has been a crazy, wonderful year and I learned so much. Even though I had to put off my true love (travel), it was okay because I know after all this has paid off, I could always come back and it’ll be waiting for me with open arms.

Thank you 2014.

I welcome you 2015 and in fact, I am excited yet a teeny weeny bit scared of what’s going to come… still, BRING IT ON!