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Love to Be ME – Day 15

Day Fifteen:

I love my smile. And I love smiles. I love how smiles can brighten one’s day even if it’s just from a random person or someone who has a crush on you. It makes you feel good about yourself and it makes the day more tolerable and less terrible. I love my smile and I love how it brightens people’s day. What words cannot describe, smiles are a tool to say something you can’t say through words.


Love to Be ME – Day 14

Day Fourteen:

I love how easy it is to make me smile. I admit that there’s a big difference between being happy and smiling. “Happiness” has varying degrees for me and the term, “happy” is way over there at the top of the scale. Nevertheless, I love easy it is to make me smile – like whenever I see the white doves flying around outside the window of my office, or a brown canary tapping on the window, or the sudden drizzle.

Love to Be ME – Day 13

Day Thirteen:

I love how calm I am despite the pressure and the chaos around me. Most people they would get cranky or would rather have their heads blown off. Sometimes I wish that as well. Pushing that aside, because of my calm attitude, I’m the go to person of my friends. Being calm in general is good as it means not being stressed out as much.


I’ve been really excited to write my bucket list for 2012. First time to write a bucket list just for the year so I’m excited!

  1. Get a diving license (even though I don’t know how to swim)
  2. Go to Romblon via ferry
  3. Go to Baler and explore not only the beaches but also the town (maybe I’ll try to learn surfing!)
  4. Go to Coron and spend less than Php 5,000 exclusive of airfare
  5. Go shooting at least once in two months
  6. Get accepted into a university or business school in another country for Masters
  7. Related to #6, get a scholarship
  8. Travel to at LEAST two other countries
  9. Go to US, just for the sake of using my visa so it wouldn’t be that hard to renew it
  10. Trek Mt. Makiling and Mt. Pinatubo
  11. Go wall climbing
  12. Try out laser tag, or paintball
  13. Go on a road trip, or travel alone
  14. Have at least three spontaneous trips
  15. Lose AT LEAST 6 kg
  16. Get a NEW hobby, something different like poi or capoiera (but I’m not going to take poi or capoiera)
  17. Learn how to ride the bicycle

Love to Be ME – Day 10

I love how I can be honest. Most of the time, people need to hear the truth, no matter how much it hurts. Sometimes they just need that slap of reality before they can go forward. In this case, most of the time I can be the bearer of the truth. I just love it that most people don’t get mad at me for telling them something they don’t want to hear but which is honest.

Love to Be ME – Day 9

Day Nine:

I love my determination. If I put my mind into something, I’m going to work hard to get it. I didn’t get two degrees because I was lucky to pass all my majors and core subjects. I was determined to graduate. I didn’t lose weight back then because I had fast metabolism. I exercised a lot (and now I’m fatter but I’m getting back on track).

Love to Be ME – Day 8

Day Eight:

I love that I am well provided for. I feel for my fellow Filipinos who suffer hunger and endure the rains because they do not have enough ability to buy a house, or food for the night. I am grateful for what I have and I want people to know that. I worked for the government even though a lot of people say it’s messed up and does not even provide a good pay. I stayed because I want to help my people in my own way.