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Places to Go Back To

There are very few places in the Philippines that I would like to go back to, and I want to visit them before I leave the country for Master’s. It’s just that even though I’ll be gone for only a year, I would really miss the country.

I’m planning on resigning from work effective July 31st (and I can only be too excited about it), so that will give me the month of August to go to some places around the country.

Out of all the places I have been to (and they’re not that many), there are very few I would want to go back to –

  1. Bacolod – The food – cheap and delicious – and the laidback atmosphere of the city is enough to make you want to go back. It felt almost surreal. It’s like how I would imagine living in a country. I definitely would keep coming back. Of course, I think I should give some of the credit to Telex, a friend who was gracious enough to take us around.
  2. Coron, Palawan – The place is awesome, what more can I say? I actually plan on doing the Puerto Princesa – El Nido – Coron route, depending on what the budget will allow. Palawan is one of the few provinces in the Philippines with pristine waters and green mountains. It’s a haven for any environmentalist, nature traveler, and probably just any tourist. ┬áIn other words, it’s a paradise.
  3. Sagada – I haven’t seen Sagada’s caves yet. I just roamed around the area and looked for some places to go to. We managed to trek up a hill. There’s just a different feel to this town. Peace. That would be the word.