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Part III: Getting There

Track back (because this is already way too updated):

April –

I submitted all my application requirements to Hult International Business School. It felt good that I actually have applied already for Master’s. One school down.

I received a call from the London School of Commerce. They were asking if I will apply to their school. I’m not really sure  about them and I’m still doing my browsing. They also informed me that in order to get a student visa, I need to have a “show money,” which basically translates to “I can live in UK for a year.” This basically means either begging from parents or loaning from them. Either way I am hoping I could get that much money into my bank account.

In other news, my friends and I are putting up a business. It’s been a long planned business which is only taking shape now.  I met up with my college friends (and business partners) last Saturday and they said me that they have already reserved the name of our business to the Security Exchange Commission. We just have 3 months to finish our papers then it’s all registered after that. One step forward.

I just found it really impressive how quickly things happened. I know that one of my friends and her friend was just discussing about the business. Week after that, they already had the name reserved and the initial meeting of the main management/”Board of Directors.” We’ve also had our initial strategic planning. I found it all so impressive because it was a “just do it” attitude. There were no qualms. This business is long overdue and it’s been talked about for a long time… and here we are. We’re about to have our own business, and a social enterprise at that.

Looking back on my experiences, whenever I have “just do it” moments I end up being happier than I would have thought I would be. I think the main problem with me, or with people in general, is that they’re too cautious that everything ends up delayed, taking too much time. To be honest, I don’t like meetings because I see them as unproductive, unless of course, it’s necessary. In government, most meetings aren’t that productive because the actions have to achieve consensus. And consensus is harder when you have lawyers around the table.

Time is essential. If you want something done, just do it without overthinking or overanalyzing. Sometimes it’s good to be reckless. Sometimes it’s good to just go ahead. I’m not saying do it all the time but recounting my experiences, it really felt good “just doing it.”

What have you done with a “just do it” attitude?