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2014 Reflections

As I was browsing yesterday for some guidelines on how to manage my 2015, I saw an article on Kaibizzen, which is a Business Coaching website if I’m not mistaken. The questions presented in the article were thought-provoking and as such, I am taking the time to answer them.

1. What did I love about 2014?

I love how 2014 pushed me to grow and make adult decisions. I have to admit that it was not entirely an easy year to get by, but it was a year full of lessons. It’s like one of those teachers or bosses you dislike, or maybe even hated. You just hate them during that moment but after getting through them, you thank them because without them you wouldn’t learn what you know now. I basically grew up, and accepted adulthood this year.

2. What have been some of the amazing blessings that have happened to me?

Oh there are a lot.

  • I travelled.
  • I was able to come home.
  • I met amazing people.
  • I realized I have such a nice home, a nice family and amazing set of friends.
  • I got into a minor car accident and my dad was there to help me out.
  • I have a job that I love.
  • I actually love my boss… haha
  • I work with awesome people.
  • I fell in love.
  • I am able to fend for myself.

3. What did I achieve?

Interesting question… Well this year was more about finding myself. Getting to know myself. I’d say I became more mature, gained perspective, learned to unlearn and realized my worth. I learned to give and be unselfish. I learned how to forgive. I am happier. I believe that is what is important.

4. What are some of the things that I did in 2014 that I need to keep doing in 2015?

Keep learning. Keep improving. Listen but take heed. Do not care what other people think if what you are doing is right. Learn from smarter and better leaders. Read.

5. Who are some of the amazing people who have helped me in 2014? How did they help me?

  • Mom and Dad – of course, I probably wouldn’t even survive without them.
  • Clarence – my sister who had always something to say
  • Mike – my brother who’d wrestle me out of my own world
  • Aunt and Uncle – helped me out in going back to PH. Helped me out in ever possible way for the last 2 years.
  • Anna – my roommate who kept me sane
  • My ex – took me on a skiing trip which kept me from going crazy
  • Jeng – who used her network and recommended me in my current job
  • Carl – my best friend who was there to talk, cook for me and preoccupy my otherwise empty apartment haha
  • Suzy – who was game to go on trips and humor my photography frustration
  • Anna C. – who was always kulit
  • My boss – who scolded and criticized me, pushed me harder
  • Rizza – who took me to the wonderful world of sabaw (I’m serious)
  • Telex – who was always there when I feel sad, and would treat me to dinner
  • Andre – who has always lent an ear to my petty woes
  • Zac and Leif – the crazy duo who surprised visit me and would always invite me to random trips even though I couldn’t go

6. Who are some of the amazing people that I have helped in 2014? How did I add value to their lives?

Good question… I never really thought about this…

  • Carl – was there when she went through a rough time
  • Suzy – lent an ear to talk about her situation
  • Joesie – provided support as much as I could
  • Clarence – well she has her splurging habits… she just uses my money haha
  • My boss – I’m more or less certain I’ve helped in some way…

7. What have been some big and little things that I thought at the beginning of 2014 would be difficult or impossible to achieve – but I have!!

Nothing… Unfortunately I never really had any expectation for 2014. I just wanted to go back home that time.

8. How did I turn those things into reality? What were the steps that I took?


9. What have been my greatest challenges in 2014?

There were two… First, it’s finally deciding to come home. It’s hard to decide because I was torn between potential opportunities in the US and just coming home. I wasn’t feeling any belonging anywhere and I just want to rush back to my comfort zone. Second, it’s living up to the expectations at work. I was sold in a certain way and I was expected to live up to it.

10. How have those challenges (in hindsight) really been a blessing?

Well, I decided to come home and I could never be happier. Home is home. I left a place where it was starting to feel terrible for me. I was looking for an escape. The solution was so easy… home.

For the second one, I finally opened myself to the criticisms. I realized I was being to egoistic and that is not the right attitude when you’re new at work. I forgot that I accepted the job for the learning experience. As a result, I was able to learn more and apply what I know.

11. What did I learn by going through those experiences?

First lesson is don’t be too proud to admit what you feel. I felt I was giving up by coming home but it turns out I was not giving up by coming home… it was moving forward. Same thing with work, I was getting frustrated because what I know didn’t seem to work, or is not applicable. I felt displaced. Once I admitted my weakness, I was able to open myself up to learning.

12. What have been some big and little things that have been difficult to achieve?

Big thing would be to adapt myself to what is needed at work. As I’ve said, it was a rollercoaster experience as I didn’t know where to position myself. But I semi-overcame that.

Another thing that was difficult to achieve was manage my expenses. Ever since I moved out of home, my expenses were just exact to my income and that’s a bad thing. I want to invest my money so I have to learn how to save first.

Next would be to handle my emotions. I have gotten so used to not caring. I have to stop being at extreme and manage my feelings. I have to stop obsessing and thinking about that one person I care about.

Losing weight was also a difficulty.

13. What’s the reason I didn’t achieve them?

For the financial challenge, it was because I was spending too much. I upgraded my lifestyle and didn’t realize I was overspending and not saving at all. I have to go back to how I was before and track my expenses.

For the emotional difficulty, I believe the main reason was it was unfamiliar so I didn’t know how to handle it. I am not certain how to handle it until now – I don’t know whether to be passive or aggressive about providing a solution for that.

For the last one, I just couldn’t stop eating sweets. My exercise habit is also meh.

14. What are the rituals or habits that have shaped my current results? (Be honest)

Hmm… I’m still reckless so that attributed to the difficulties I encountered. I am persistent and determined to prove people otherwise (if they criticize me). I also became more generous and I am much much happier about it.

15. What do I have to stop doing?

I have to stop obsessing. I have to stop making excuses and exercise. I have to eat healthy. I have to stop overspending.

16. What do I have to start doing?

Well first, I have to start doing something really productive which would preoccupy me so I can stop obsessing. I should also start planning out my meals and limit my dining out to once a week. I should also start exercising regularly. Lastly, I should start planning a saving scheme and start doing it.

Wow that was a long post… didn’t expect it would take that much time. I’d love to hear from some people their 2014 reflections. 🙂


More Important Things

Sometimes I think I spend too much time on 9gag… but what the hell… lol

I saw this post today –

I guess there’s just something about space which I cannot let go. I feel more freedom in a vast expanse rather than a place with four walls containing all the latest gadgets. This is also why I love nature trips more than city tours, why I love trekking and looking at the view from a mountain peak rather than watching it all on screen in a theater. This is also why I love traveling. It’s the one thing I am certain of being passionate about. Sometimes I can’t help thinking that traveling has become an addiction and a vice (for my wallet).

Whenever I would walk around at night in a new place I traveled to, I would never fail to look up and look if there are any stars. Stars remind me that there’s a different place out there, that there’s a whole universe that we do not know about. Anything becomes more beautiful once you recognize that there is something your knowledge can’t reach or comprehend. Everything becomes more of value once you recognize that you are just one speck, one discovery in an expanse of other discoveries. It is just overwhelming knowing that you are a part of all these, and may be a part of more. And it is thus, why there are more important things than what people do all day.