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Places to Go Back To

There are very few places in the Philippines that I would like to go back to, and I want to visit them before I leave the country for Master’s. It’s just that even though I’ll be gone for only a year, I would really miss the country.

I’m planning on resigning from work effective July 31st (and I can only be too excited about it), so that will give me the month of August to go to some places around the country.

Out of all the places I have been to (and they’re not that many), there are very few I would want to go back to –

  1. Bacolod – The food – cheap and delicious – and the laidback atmosphere of the city is enough to make you want to go back. It felt almost surreal. It’s like how I would imagine living in a country. I definitely would keep coming back. Of course, I think I should give some of the credit to Telex, a friend who was gracious enough to take us around.
  2. Coron, Palawan – The place is awesome, what more can I say? I actually plan on doing the Puerto Princesa – El Nido – Coron route, depending on what the budget will allow. Palawan is one of the few provinces in the Philippines with pristine waters and green mountains. It’s a haven for any environmentalist, nature traveler, and probably just any tourist.  In other words, it’s a paradise.
  3. Sagada – I haven’t seen Sagada’s caves yet. I just roamed around the area and looked for some places to go to. We managed to trek up a hill. There’s just a different feel to this town. Peace. That would be the word.

Philippine Travel

I have this really big passion for traveling. It’s even bigger than my photography, but of course they come hand in hand. I have only been to few places outside the country – around 4 countries and 2 states in US. However, given that the Philippines has 7,107 islands (only 7,106 now because the one island already sunk – climate change effect), I am so overwhelmed with my desire to go to different places in the country. The difficulty in going around the Philippines is the transportation. Most of the time you would have to transfer from bus to jeepney to tricycle to boat etc. especially if you’re going to the farther places.

So I saw this online – it shows how many places you’ve already been to in the Philippines. I’m somewhat disappointed with myself as I haven’t been to many places in the country, but I guess this is not bad at all.

My Lakbayan grade is C+!

How much of the Philippines have you visited? Find out at Lakbayan!

Created by Eugene Villar.

For my fellow Filipinos, and foreigners who travel the Philippines, I’d love to know how many places you’ve been to in my country. Let me know 😉